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Light at the end of the tunnel

Hello luvlies, whilst we still have to remain cautious and careful there is definitely light shining through. I am able to open my Sports massage studio from the 12th April and cannot wait to welcome you back. I am definitely in need of a massage and will be booking one in ASAP and I know lots of you will have tight traps, lower back pain and tight hips from sitting on a computer all day or weekend netflix bingeing. For those of you who have been virtuous over lockdown and taken up running then it may be your legs that need some attention, whatever your need my table is waiting!! My studio classes however may not be allowed to open until the 27th May but i am hoping when we get further guidance that i may be able to open on the 12th April, at the minute the guidelines seem to be saying gyms for individual and household bubbles only!! But whatever i will definitely still be doing lots of zoom classes and cannot wait to see you on there. Take care and try and stay optimistic, not too long before we will be hugging and dancing with our loved ones.

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