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I offer group classes in my studio (COVID dependant) Virtual ZOOM classes and 1:1 sessions

For more in depth information about the differences see the FAQ questions below.  Simplistically,(and anyone who knows about anatomy will take a big sigh as nothing about the human body is simple!) I believe there is an exercise regime to suit all and these can be adapted in a class.  Like a pair of good jeans or the making of a fine cocktail no one size fits all

Pilates, Barre & HIIT: News
Women Stretching


What to expect in one of my Pilates classes

This class will suit all levels of fitness, from beginner to advanced as exercises can be modified or progressed.  It works on a series of exercises that will strengthen and lengthen the whole body, it is non cardio and focuses largely on core control, posture, balance and strength.

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What to expect in one of my Barre & barrlates classes

Both are similar to Pilates insofar as it is an all over body routine.  It is however more challenging on balance and muscular endurance as repetitions are high and a large amount of the class is done standing, think toning and lengthening exercises for the whole body and feel the burn (again largely non cardio but nevertheless not for the faint hearted!

Fitness Class


What to expect in one of my HIIT sessions

High intensity Interval Training is a cardio workout designed to improve cardiovascular endurance alternating short period of intense anaerobic exercise with intermittent recovery periods.  It can be adapted to be low impact if jumping is not for you!!

Yoga Class


What to expect in our 1:1 sessions

This is your session to achieve the goals you want, we will agree what improvements and areas of focus you have and i will take you through your paces !

I have a variety of packages available please see my pricing page for details

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