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Sports Massage: Services
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What is a sports massage?

As a Sports Massage Therapist it is imperative I listen to my clients.  It is a misconception that sports massage has to be painful!.. Yes we use deep tissue techniques to reduce muscular tension and discomfort BUT we use Swedish massage techniques such as effleurage and petrissage to encourage blood flow and aid relaxation. 

If a client wants a maintenance sports massage before an event or post training and they are not presenting with any injuries then the massage can be less intense.  If a client has specific issues, i.e. pain in the rotator cuff, lower back, piriformis, calf, hamstring etc. then trigger point, PNF stretching, pin and stretch may be employed but these can all be done in addition to the relaxing strokes of a Swedish massage which are used to restore balance and both relax and energise.  Every client is different and communication is key.

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