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Fitness Training


November & December 2020

For more in depth information about the differences see the FAQ.  

At present and currently in lockdown (sob sob) so all my studio based classes will need to be conducted online via ZOOM

Below is the schedule for my current ZOOM classes.  I do have corporate clients which will not be shown on my schedule.  Private 1-2-1 sessions via ZOOM can obviously be arranged –

45 mins

Schedule: Schedule

Monday 9:30 AM - Advanced Pilates & 6:15 PM - Intermediate Pilates

Tuesday 9:30 AM - Intermediate Pilates & 7:45 PM - Intermediate Pilates

Wednesday 12:30 PM - Breast cancer Rehab (Int level, can be modified but 1-2-1 is required)

Thursday 2:30 PM - Haven Breast cancer beginner class

Friday 9:30 AM - Beginner Pilates


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Monday  12:00 PM - Barre

Thursday 9:30 AM - Barrelates & 12:15 PM - Barre (Corp client) 

Friday 10:30 AM - Barre


Wednesday 9:30 AM

Saturday 8:15 AM


I can generally fit a 1-2-1 sessions in most days apart from Wednesday and Sunday.
Various times and days throughout the week - Contact me to arrange a time and day below

1-2-1 SESSION 

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