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How my business developed

I initially set up my business with the sole purpose of teaching Pilates. Pilates is a non cardio exercise programme designed to build strength and flexibility with a strong emphasis on posture and core endurance.   I love the fact that Pilates can be done at any age and does not discriminate against those with little or no athletic background as all the exercises can be modified or progressed.

My passion for lifelong learning however soon had me specialising in Pilates for runners and cyclists, Pilates for lower back rehab & Pilates for bone strength.  I began to see the benefits of rehab more and its connection with the nervous system.  After a wonderful course in Copenhagen on pain management by Dr Eric Cobb I learned how to incorporate mobility drills within my sessions to help clients deal with pain and encourage better movement.

 As an ex gym fanatic I did however recognise that for some people Pilates may not be challenging enough and that is where my interest in Barre began.  Barre is a more intense programme & whilst largely non cardio you do however feel the burn, it focuses on smaller movements than Pilates and encourages muscle endurance through a series of pulsing exercises which lengthen and strengthen the whole body, weights are often used.

I am passionate about all forms of exercise and believe a mix of strength, mobility, flexibility and cardio classes are essential to keeping your body injury free.  All too often sporting activities target isolated muscles groups which lead to some muscles being overworked and tight and often prone to injury whilst other muscles are weak and under developed.  Hence my classes aim to target the whole body.  

As my business has developed I have become more and more interested in rehab.  A client of mine came to me about 5 years ago somewhat frustrated at the lack of help ‘out there’ that catered for clients who wanted to gain strength and Range of Motion after breast cancer.  I enrolled on my Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist course with the Australian Pilates Physiotherapy Institute and have never looked back.  I work independently with clients but also with The Haven Breast Cancer Charity.  I feel incredibly lucky to have the best clients in my studio But my work for the Haven and the ladies I have helped along the way to build mobility and Strength has been my greatest accomplishment, they inspire me every day. 

My other great love is working as a Sports Massage Therapist.  Over the years many a client has complained about their bad back or their painful neck not to mention the moans from my three very sporty boys about their tight hips or hamstrings or calves.  The only sensible progression was to marry my love of exercise with my love of anatomy and hey presto Sports Massage was the answer.  Massage is essential for so many things, working on adhesions to promote length and comfort in the muscles again,  improving lymphatic drainage, promoting blood flow, relieving tension etc.

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Upper Back Massage
Swedish Massage
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My Professional Development

My career is my calling. I‘ve been working as a professional Massage Therapist since 2018 and I’ve never looked back. Find out about my training, qualifications and extensive work experience below.

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August 2018 - Present


Lead fitness trainer and massage therapist

I thoroughly enjoy teaching sessions for my corporate client based in Leeds city centre.

I teach Pilates and Barre twice a week and also offer massages, this is all part of the great wellbeing offering that the client incentivises for their staff.

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September 2017 - Present


Restorative Pilates instructor 

I currently run 3 classes per week for 1 hour at a time for Haven Breast Care. I guide my clients through Pilates exercises to restore range of motion and strength during and post breast cancer treatment. 

My classes aim to minimise complications and the effects of radiotherapy, chemo therapy and hormonal treatments. 

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September 2020 - present


Pilates instructor 

Corporate ZOOM classes focussing in Pilates and cardiovascular fitness. These sessions are for 45 mins once a week. My classes can be tailored to suit your requirements  and i also have equipment to bring with me when classes take place within the office space - contact me to discuss numbers of attendees

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October 2013 - Present


Having spent 16 years as a Law Lecturer, in 2011 took the leap and followed my dream of opening my own Pilates Studio.  Previously known as the Pilates Barre i have recently rebranded it to take into account my love of Sports Massaging. 

Graduates Holding Diplomas


  • LLB (hons) 


  • PGCE

  • Pilates Instructor Course 2012 Leeds Level 3/ Reps Accredited/CIMSPA Member

  • Ballet Barre Course – Manchester  -  2013 barreconcept accredited

  • Ballet Barre Floor course – 2015 - London

  • Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist 2017  – LONDON APP1 HEADQUARTERS

  • Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist

  • Level 4  Sports Massage Therapist

  • Insurance – CIMPSA & BALENS £10m In addition to my accredited level courses I have undertaken a number of other CPD courses, i.e.

  • Pilates for runners , Pilates for cyclists, Pilates for lower back rehab – All run by the Australian Pilates Physiotherapist Institute - London

  • Z Health - Neural Fundamentals to improve better movement – Copenhagen

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