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Merry xmas all. Thank u all for your wonderful support. 💖

Last minute presents. Message me 07982251640 or email

So many people have fallen into bad posture- zoom classes are fab but can lead to poor alignment when looking at screens and as there is no tactile correction body positioning can suffer. so if u r unsure about form when squatting or lunging or your neck,lower back or shoulder/pelvic alignment needs adressing how about an hours 121 session £35 or if u just want treat yourself full body massage £35

Vouchers can be emailed or dropped off if local.

121 sessions - 1hour £35

Massages £35

Book 4 for £120


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Hi guys, as the winds howl and the sky is awash with various shades of grey thought u mite like to watch this or do this workout on the beach Xxx

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